3D Printing Company

a 3d printer in action

Our additive manufacturing (AM) services have a wide range of applications — whether it’s a prototype, small manufacturing runs, or 3D models — we’re here to serve you with a professional and quality service. Within the sphere of additive manufacturing, you may hear other related terms like:3d printing, rapid prototyping, layered manufacturing, additive fabrication, and direct digital manufacturing.

In our arsenal of 3D printing services, we’re able to print anything from traditional plastic to metal, human tissue, glass, and more. If you can think of it, we can likely print it. Below we’ve listed some of the 3d printing services that its partners can offer. If you’re ready to talk about your project now, we’re waiting for your “over here.”

A Rapid Prototyping Company

While 3D printing services or AM, have actually been around for the past 30 years, recently it’s grown in popularity to the point that having one in your home is now affordable and possible. Traditionally, 3D printing was used by big manufacturing companies to produce a prototype of their product before going to production. This allowed them to save time and money. This application of 3D printing is still being used today and is known as rapid prototyping. Our 3D printing company provides rapid prototyping (RP) as one of our core 3d printing services. We help companies and manufacturers, from large to small, build 3D model prototypes at a fraction of the cost.

A Small Run Manufacturing Company

Small 3D printing runs are great for companies that don’t have a large manufacturing budget and aren’t able to lay out the cash for larger product orders. Small 3D printing runs give companies the opportunity to test their product and their viability by doing small runs. This also gives the ability to make improvements on subsequent versions of their product. In addition to testing and budget restraints, clients may only want to do small runs based on their volume of sales or business model. For example, if you’re looking to do custom products with special features for your customers, ordering a 3D printed product may be a good way to go. There is even great success in the “Etsy” product market with 3D printing.

A CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Company

CAD design or Computer-Aided Design is the primary method of designing and shaping 3D objects for print. Before you print your product or object, it will need to go through a design process using CAD software. Using CAD software has several advantages for our clients: First, we are able to perfect the design and function of your product. Being able to see it on the computer lets us improve on the design before it’s printed. Because of the level of detail and measurements the CAD software allows us to go into, it also gives our customers the necessary technical documentation they need for future reprints and production. CAD design is used everywhere and was likely used in something you own right now like your vehicle, car, phone, or even house. While these are not all 3D printed, CAD software was likely used throughout the design phase.

3D Scanning

We take engineering and 3D customization to the next level with our 3D scanning services. This is especially useful when you need a replacement part or need to create something “out of nothing.” Imagine being able to scan a car engine and then print a replacement part out of it. We can 3D scan rooms, objects, entire people, and much more. Imagination and application of this technology are nearly limitless from the medical field to a new gaming environment. Have a missing part to your collector plane? No problem, we can scan the entire engine and print you a replacement part, as we can print in hard plastic and metal.

As a 3D printing company that holds the highest standards in quality, communication, and professionalism, We are here to help you begin your next product. As professionals in our field, we go beyond just 3D printing. As engineering consultants, we guide and consult with our clients for the best possible outcome at an affordable cost.